My Skyline gts is converted to turbo Gerald and Nigel of Ice performance did all the work on the car. The quality of their workmanship is excellent.
The parts came from a Skyline that was wrecked and was bought as a package it was missing a few things like turbo intercooler and airflow meter due to the crash but the motor had been recently reconditioned before its demise the wrecked car had ABS brakes and mine didn't the brakes were conversted from ABS to normal.


The first stage of the conversion was the changing of the brakes and diff to items from an r32 gtst. this was performed with in an afternoon and was relativly hassle free.

My car before

My car after

Fitting the front brakes.

The diff going in

The big exhaust is my new one.

The front wheels

The engine out

The engine out

the turbo

the turbo vg 30 turbo steel wheel

its empty

The intercooler

coolerpipes underbumper



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