Timing belt other belt x3 & water pump exchange
While having teaching the timing belt with the ???????, 1 week later which you did,
The seal of the water pump saying, and you exchanged by your.
When doing, you will do with set.
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The radiator cover and the radiator are removed. The cover comes off when the hook left and right and underneath B is pulled to the rear side of the car, simply.
After that, removing the nut x4, you take the fan which has been attached to the water pump. When time being 2nd, washing cleanly. You will remove also the under cover.

Disbi is taken. Doing damage, it will designate the position of the volt/bolt which has stopped as sign and will solve. The timing light the person who does not have is necessary.

Disbi was removed. Taking also the other belt, it increases.
The ???? - the tar, when turning that with the adjustment screw, loosening the volt/bolt which becomes the fulcrum, moving with the gouy ? inside, loosening the belt, you remove the power steering pump. The power steering pump unless that screw adjusts the hole of the pulley exactly, cannot turn volt/bolt. Until it meets accidentally, several degrees with ignition as an on it waits. Job 1st does, being to be agreeable accidentally with about 2 times, but job 2nd was finally agreeable house ? ? of 10 times or more. The hose is hard, it is with it is the dynamic mark leprosy.
The pulley for adjustment being attached underneath, it increases the cooler.

Several books removing the volt/bolt of the timing belt cover, it is meeting in the belt. When being unprecedented, time was required rather to here.
There was a yellow marker where you attached suitably. Also 10 with belts years as over it was new, is. Somehow, one time it seemed that is changed.... As for this photograph, brand-new belt kana?