Don't take every thing you read on the web as The truth.

Hi welcome to my web page.
Sorry I have to do this but in this world you never know.
Please note all information on this site is as is there are no guarantees you use this information at your own risk.
I provide the infomation as I find it if the info has helped you and saved you money I would appreciate any donations.
As I do not work and this site costs money to host.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible but sometimes the information is wrong.
So if you use the information on this site and something goes wrong with your car don't blame us.
We are only trying to help.
Always make sure you cross reference your information. As cars are expensive to fix
We do not endorse any supplier of parts but we list the ones we have used and that have provided
good service at a fair price.
Just because something is written on the web doesn't make it true.
There is a lot of misinformation on the web put there by cranks.
Please use the information you have found here and if it helps please tell your friends.
If you need to contact me mail meggala

and no I not faceless here is a pic of me

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