The good Dr_Drift doing his stuff.

Dr drift aka Sam can help you get your car running really well he tunes ecu's.

fits boost controllers and does other work to skylines silvia's etc

- Custom ECU's
- Pineapples here
- R32 / S13 Castor Rods
- R32 Strut Braces


Dr_Drift Projects

ca powered datto 1600

has run 12.0 on street tyres at calder as stated in the hpi top ten import drag times

all work including ecu tuning has been done by dr_drift

he can be found at xtc performance 16 louvain street coburg victoria.

all sorts of mechanical work including dyno tuning etc all sam on 0425818755


sam's datto has some unique features including the boot mounted radiator



here is a vid of the good dr doing his stuff

Please do not copy what you see here this was done by a professional driver.
Who has many years of high speed driving experience.
this was conducted on a closed road. enjoy.

8.1 meg of vid here (right click here to save)

if you use this vid all I ask is that you give credit to Dr drift and
flick me a mail to to let me know of a mirror.

R32 gtst for sale

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