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The Nissan Cefiro

This a car is a bsse car that alot of people in Japan use for drifting they come in a number of varieties.
RWD, AWD Turbo non turbo but they are all 4 door and all from the factory are automatic.
the floor pan is bassed on the s13 but as with alot of japanese cars they share parts with the skyline and S13.
Why am I featuring them?
I find the Cefiro an interesting car that is able to be imported to Australia. not many people have heard of them so I thought I would start. I have actually got one coming as you might have seen on the front page they are quite affordable and make a nice unique car to have.
more up dates when my car gets here.

The cefiro comes from the factory with the rb series of motors from non turbo and turbo a common swap from them is the SR20 motor from the nissan s series as this give better weight distribution and also under japanese law they may have some cheaper insurance and regisration costs.

The a32 model is not eligable for import as they are already here in Australia know as the maxima and the a32 is front wheel drive not rear wheel drive.

They make a great cruiser or drifter as they are large any of the rb engines fit in them so they have quite a few power up options.

Well my cefiro arrived a little while ago it has live up to the expectations.

it feels so much more roomy inside compared to the Skyline and is great for a person like myself with a family.

mine is drifter it has a mechanical diff strong clutch tien coil over shock it is being complied and readied for the road as well speak but I did get to do some miles in it and it is great so comfortable fast with the mechanical diff the car handels differently although is has alot more control.

every one who see's it is amazed I have even been stopped in the street by people asking me about the car.

mine is also being fitted with a front mount intercooler and I will be fitting a larger turbo to it down the track. then the mods process will be complete.

some pics of my cefiro are here Cefiro pics



the pics below have gone walk about I'll up date them later. 15/12/07







here are the spec from the a31 cefiro

Model 2WD 4 WD
VL SE VE 25SE 25SE M selection SE - t SE - 4
Type E - LA31 E - EA31 E - LA31 E - LNA31
--- E - ECA31 E - LCA31 ---
Mission type 5 fast AT --- --- 0 0 0 --- ---
4th gear AT 0 0 --- --- -- 0 0
5 speed MT 0 0 --- --- -- 0 ---
Total length (mm) 4765
Full-width (mm) 1705
Total height (mm) 1375 1390
Interior dimensions of body Length (mm) 1910
Width (mm) 1425
High (mm) As for 1140 < sun roof equipped cars 1100 >
Wheel base (mm) 2670
T lead-lead Front 1460
The rear 1455
Roadspace (mm) 150 145
Vehicle weight (kg) 1300
1360 1400 1380
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 1575
1635 1675 1655
Fuel consumption rate 10. 15 mode 9.0
9.6 9.3 9.0
8.0 * 1
60km fixed area travelling 18.2
18.0 17.1 17.3
Engine Type OHC series 6 cylinder DOHC series 6 cylinder
Inside diameter x distance (mm) 78.0 X 69.7
Entire aerodynamic volume displacement (cc) 1998
Compression ratio 9.5 10.2 10.0 8.5
The highest output (PS rpm) 125 / 5600 155 / 6400 180 / 6000 205 / 6400
Largest torque (kgm / rpm) 17.5 / 4400 18.8 / 5200 23.0 / 5200 27.0 / 3200
Fuel feeder The NISSAN EGI (ECCS) electrically controlled gasoline injection device
Use fuel * tank capacity (L) Unleaded regular gasoline
Unleaded premium gasoline
* 1: As for no equipped car of SRS air back system * electromotive glass sun roof * cold area specification of manufacturer option,
10.15 Mode fuel economy becomes 7. 7km / L.






Here is a page with cedrics and nissan crews (click here)


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