Welcome to Meggala's Extreme cars page.

These are cars that I have come across that have
E xtreme Power

Most of these cars have in excess of 300rwkw or 550 hp.

They are not all skyines.

as I appreciate extreme power what ever the marque.

TheRed R33 gtst purchased by someone I know

the motor is an rb26 built by an hks dealer in japan the car should make over 300 rwkw and has run a 12.4 @ 123 mph on pure street tyres.

basically the the rb 26 has 2510 turbos 264 cams forged internal and was built to last.

the car is for sale atm

The supra recently purchased by one of the boy from ice performance this supra comes with all the goodies twin td06 turbos.

pics and info here


This unassuming 180 sx was fitted with various bits and pieces including a 3037s turbo it make 301rwkw on a dyno running hi octane unleaded fuel

it ran a 12.3 @ 96 mph casue the drive backed off 3/4 track we suspect it would have run into the deep 11's

pics and info here


well this is the monstor I actually have had the pleasure of driving this car 650 hp @ the wheels

all I can say is nuts pure insanity

pics and info here





A vid of my drag run is here