A Source of information on Importing cars to Australia.

So you have fallen in love with an import car be it a Skyline a 180 sx, a supra,soarer,fto

You have been to some dealers but your money doesn't go as far with them and you would like to pick your car from japan.

What do you do.

How do you judge .

This car!

How much will this car go for.


This is where comes in.


meggala pty ltd trading as (abn 28 051 962 860)

The busness is run by Steve Barr or as most people know me on the net "meggala"

postal address

po box 289

Avondale Heights

Victoria 3034

Location Cairnlea Victoria 3023

contact 0421399767

I'm known for having a great knowledge of nissan cars but also understand most other imports I have been bringing in cars for 2 years, mainly 15 year old cars and a few cars under sev's but have now decided to offer a brokerage service to help people find their dream cars, for a one off fee.

I 'm known for bringing in Nissan Cefiro's, Skylines and many other cars, the strange, the different and 15 year imports is what I specialise in. I put customer service and communication first with my customers. I'm known to be straight forward and honest. I will not fill you with hope and wishes I will tell you what can be done. what can be brought in and I will give you reasonable estimates of what it is going to cost.

I can also help you bring in a car under the new Raws system as I have great contacts in this area.

I can oraginse cars all over australia not just Victoria.




Firstly you need to work out your budget. next you need to work out any time constraints.

Importing your own car while being cheap is not the quickest solution you need to allow 3-6 months.From the time the process starts till the time it finishes and you drive away it can be done quicker but use this time line as a guide.

So you have your budget and you have your money organized where do I find cars to buy how do I get them here . This is when you employ some one to help you, for example

A broker has lots of contacts and knows the import process inside and out.

They have buyers in japan who they a can trust. They know the import laws and how to get your car through customs the quickest and cheapest. They know the market prices are for cars etc. Why because they do this everyday.

You could do it yourself but do you really know who your buying your car from will they give you an accurate description of the cars will they go and visually inspect the cars for you. Can they be trusted to send your car securely. These relationships are built over time. Japanese people a different to us you need to earn some ones trust over time they are not quick to give it

Quality brokers have the experience and the references from satisfied customers they know the in's and out and can get you out of trouble with just a phone call. This is why your money is well spent.

so what are the costs and which cars are eligible

This is where it gets tricky because the laws are in a state of change at the moment with new laws coming in on the 8 th of may this year.

Your costs are

Brokers fee

Vehicle purchase price

Buyers fee

Storage and shipping fee

Import duties and taxes

Cost of compliance

Cost of registration.

Cost of trasnport


Brokers fee: This is what the broker charges you for acess to his service. Most broker wont start looking until you pay their fee.

Vehicle purchase price: This is the price you pay for the actual vehicle whether at auction or through a dealer.

Buyers fee: This is what you pay the person who buys your car for you. This person also arranges shipping and transport for your car to the docks.

Storage and Shipping fee: This is the cost of putting yuor car on a boat and sending it to Australia. The storage component is when you car is left at the docks for a few days until its picked up.

import duties and Taxes: These you pay when you car arrives in Australia before you can collect it from the docks

Cost of compliance: this is the cost to convert your car to Australia Standard there is quite a bit of work involved in doing this and the cost is high.

Cost of registration: the cost to get your car regiatered in your State.


This will give you an idea about the costs of importing a 15 year old car the figure

change daily so use it only as a guide


brokers fee here

buyers fee fob charges


customs duty


miscellaneous wharf fees

compliance to aust standard w/engineers

plus reg rwc

plus on little stuff to fix



$3800 aussie Y300,000 yen


$1250 aussie Y100,000 Yen











I hope this has made it clearer.




If you need help with importing a car contact me mail meggala






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