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Here are some Pictures of my car.

( note this is an old page from one of my back ups)

My car has undergone a transformation its came originally with an rb20de N/A engine and I have transplanted in to the car the full rb20 gtst running gear the car is also equipped with a slightly larger turbo coming from a vg 30 3 liter engine it has a custom front mounted intercooler which is (core size) 500 X 270 X 76 with both outlets on the left hand side. to enable the standard intercooler piping to be included without having the long runs and pressure drop associated with the gtr type intercooler. The exhaust is an apexi N1. the car now features and custom ecu and an s-afc these have helped the car performmuch better. The car has produced 121 kw's at 5100 rpm with another 2400 rpm left but was wheel spinning so much on the dyno(even with some heavy blokes in the boot) that an acurate reading could not be taken.( my guesstimate is 160-170rwkw) its very fast

It also has bilsten shocks, different springs and Alloy wheels 16 X 7 & 16 X 8 (tyres front 205 55 16 rear 225 50 16). As well as recaros seats . It drives well with a 0-100 time of about 6.5 seconds .

My recent up dates to my car below the pictures Updated 05/01/03

My cars upgrade

My new cars

Well i took the punt and I have got myself a Cefiro and 180sx

unfortunatly the 180 sx will be for sale as we cant keep it but the Cefiro will be staying and will be my main drive car.

The Cefiro is packed with goodies and was a drifter it has mechanical diff coilover shock and I not sure what else but I cant wait.It is a 1988 model and is fitted with a 5 speed manual. the cefiro has been brought in under the 15 year rules so it only need to be change to suit austrailan rules and certified by an engineer.

If your interested the 180 sx will be around $11K on the road its a ca 18 manual with sunroof completly unmodified with service books Ibelieve.

more to come soon.

also remember I have my bluebird trx for sale if you know any one. see the for sale page.





the front again


A side on shot!

the back

can you see the cooler?


new engine

my cold air intake

the rear strut brace.

skid pan day

Out practicing drift

My car today with some cruising friends

update 24/11/02

well Dr Drift and myself have been very busy the last week we set a goal to run either a flat 14 or high 13 with the setup we have but with some tuning of the engine and mainly the suspension the whole idea is to show you power isn't every thing the set up of the car help so much. Many people have a powe ful motor but can put the power to the ground this is called sorting. well we fitted pineapples to the rear of the car and some sticky tyre and re did the ecu the boost was .95 bar.

The car has so much more traction from the pineapples they are only $120 from The for sale page here and make such a huge difference to the performace of the car it is not funny.the 60' time came right down to 2.1 and could have been dropped even futherfrom the original 2.5 2.7 times I was doing last time. and or mph was up to 99.68 from 96.

/note: the car was running the firm bilstein shockers not the stock shock so with softer shocks and srinps we could have loweed the ime even furth I reckon a 1.9 possibley 1.8 60'time is achieve able from an r32/r33/r34 and that will enable some of you guys. to run better rather than getting roled due to lack of traction.

This is my time sheet so I'm not telling stories right click to save and view it in some image software to see the details





Update 14/9/02

Went to the Drags last night at Calder Park I was dissapointed but some interesting things happened.

I decided to run the boost that I run on the street all the time. and may be wind it up later on the night tyre pressures were 30 psi not optimal but a good guide . Boost was set at .7 bar on my new apexi boost gauge.

The first run I got a great surprise you know the story the blood gets rushing and you lauch hard every things going OK and you Slam it into second and then .................. you wait for the response as you plant you foot and guess what the gear lever does nothing its just like a stick in the wind.:( Oh shit what am I going to tell my wife was the first thought, the second thought was I'm glad I brought that extra $200 to track just in case cause now I've go to pay for a tow truck Lucky drag stips are gennerally down hill and the car rolls into the side road. My friend who I had just raced is waiting what happened etc. and he goes the clip must have let go then I remembered I can just put the lever back in 5 second later. I'm off. and running now what do I do go home!! nah you have only had one run so take it easy and aim for a high mph.

well my best time was 15.006 @ 96 mph not bad the time reflects a 14:00 time as my 60' time was 2.8 or something stupid cause I was frightened to lauch. (actually I wasn't frightened to lauch I was frightened of my wifes reaction if the car broke.) I did around 4 runs and the mph's were similar. The car wasn't properly tuned as I hadn't had a chance to do any work on the timing. so the time don't seem that bad. to me actually.

to set up a skyline for the drags you need almost stock suspension low tyre pressures ie 20 psi and you rear wheel alignment almost neutral and very grippy tyres liek slicks or semi-comps. I hope most of you get a chance to enjoy drag racing It is worth it.



Update 12/9/02

Well dynoed the car on Saturday and alot of questions were answered.1 the car was not pulling well over 5000 rpm.the reason was found the crankangle sensor was not working properly. This is after I changed and regapped the plus to .8 mm and checked and replaced some coil packs and swapped the ignition amplifier. also I checked the air flow meter.On the dyno the car made 128 rwk which was not what I was expecting cause crankangle sensor but I checked the dyno sheets and the boost was readin 13.8 psi when my gauge was showing 10psi .which I set it to beieng safe b4 the dyno. here are the answers to my problems and why I lot the other motor. I had actually got around 20 psi out of the vg30 turbo and of course the car was going to lean out as the injectors were maxed out. Finally I have a reason that makes sense. I picked up an Apexi boost gauge yesterday and it works fine and seems accurate. Also I fitted and modded ecu to the car the speed limit was removed and the ignition timing maps have been altered the car now boosts from 2200 rpm and has full boost by 3000 rpm and you can set the timing @ 20o which is great as it is retated a bit up high. The timing needs to be set and I might go to calder to see what she runs on Friday but don't hold your breath.I'm looking for a gtr front bar or jsut a lip atm then the car is just about finished are they ever really finished. then I start on my next project I have got a trx blue bird as a second car whats in store there?



I have fitted a rb25det turbo to my car.
I wasn't sure what to do and I spoke to so many people and got different thoughts. I was considering going for a a bigger badder turbo but looked at the additional costs and risks.
You really need to do your afm and injectors I had both of those thing and I had lined up a few turbo's I was going to hiflow either my stock turbo or an rb25 turbo to make 450 + hp. The extra wear and tear on the motor could have forced me down the track to rebuild and If I was going to do that I would have gone with a 2.2 kit with forged internals and cams head work etc. $8-10k later I would have had a car that wasn't practical but would have run low 12's high 11's. and wouldn't have been fun drifting as the boost would have come on quite late. the difference between the vg30 turbo and the rb25 is marked even though they are only slightly different in size.
The vg 30 turbo(from the vg30det not the twin turbo dett) is a non ballbearing ceramic turbo that can handle quite a bit of boost up to 16-17 psi it starts spooling around 3000 3200 and is at full boost by 4000 and really kicks at 5000. nice and hard and fast in an rb20 it could make 190 rwkw which is at the limit of the injecotrs and well past the limit of the stock fuel pump which I have found out. my motor leaned out and died. I have since fitted a fuel pump from a vl turbo reported to be good up to 400 hp.(bosch part number 0 580 464 070).
The rb25 turbo is very nice it spools early but lacks just that little bit of edge over the vg30 the power progression is much smoother with the rb25 turbo with it being ball bearing. it has only been tested at 10 psi dyno tune next week and hopefully power figures.



The demise of my first turbo engine well I am guilty as most of us are of chasing power and I turned the boost up on the vg30 turbo. Unfortunatly the fuel pump wasn't up to the task. I was using a stock r33 fuel pump and these run out of puff at around 170-180 rwkw.I dialed in 16 psi and it held untill 5000-5500 rpm then the boost dropped I thought is was the turbo.In actual fact it was the lack of fuel pressure and the higher boost and power which cause the car to lean out.I burnt out a valve and the car was blowing smoke every where. this was no ones fault but mine I should have turned up the boost on a dyno with a fuel pressure gauge attached but like most of us I didn't. since doing this I have heard of a number of people having the same problem.


I am reliably informed that the rb20 can handle 200 rwkw on stock injectors but this is maxing them out. so what did I do?
I bought another engine rb20 I was seriously considering getting an rb25det and had actually bought a gearbox but a few things happend and I didn't mainly due to the lack of cash at the time cause we need a car to drive. I also changed from Automatic to manual as I was having auto hassles and felt the manual would be better. the engine I have is running the stock turbo atm but my vg30 turbo is being rebuilt and hiflowed specs I'm not sure of for now but I will know more later I'm getting a z32 airflow meter and I will be upgrading my injectors to 550cc ones later. also I'm using a fuel pump from a vl which is rated to at least 300 hp which will see me to around 220 rwkw. then as I get the funds over 12 months I will rebuild my old rb 20 with a 2.2 kit which uses 81 or 82 mm pistons I was concidering the RB2.4 or 2.3 but there is not alot known about them here so I'm not sure what machining is required to get the cranks fitted I will fit either the non turbo cams (around 248's or some apex 260o cams) no bigger though ,also I will probably get the heads done over. That is along way away.

Who did the work not me unfortunatly but the guys from Ice Performance. Gerald and Nigel did and the work was great.Its never finished quick enough but this didn't take to long at all finish. they got most of the wiring done fitted the pedals and the other tricky bits. we put the car on the dyno for a base reading and @ 8 psi it made 120 rwkw. with misfiring and running very rich 10.5 a/f's. The car is not running the modded ecu or s-afc yet. it is totally stock. I pick up the hiflowed turbo this week and get that and the new fuel pump fitted then its off to be tuned with the s-afc and modded tuning more to come! meggala.






A vid of my cefiro is here



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