Well its here.

Dave's monster gtst r32 twin2835's dogbox mech diff.

650hp @the wheels

Have you seen a more powerful street driven r32 I haven't. This car has to be the king.


I drove this car my thought

what can I say there is a time when there is to much horsepower
I was nervous as this is the most powerfully car i have driven
its a full trust 2.7 kit twin 2835'r big cams etc
so I start it up and take it to a friend place who was going to sort it out as it was missing under boost turbo's start pooling at around 3 k rpm it like a stock gtst got used to the clutch and the box and the handling as it has a fully locked dif we find the problem with the misfire hose had come off the fuel reg.
so we decide to go out on to a freeway the only place safe for a car like this.
I come on to the on ramp in second just give it a tickle when it hits 6 krpm the tacho goes straight to 8500 I back off just testing slow down to around 80 kph (50 mph) and seriously nail it all wheel spin snap the trust box in to third and take it easy hmmmmmmmmmmm this is serious the some more testing in second to get used to the power and wheels spin.
hmmmm getting used to it then give it the stick in second snap change to third spinning hit 9500 in third grab 4th and take the foot off the gas 200 kph in a blink of an eye. the car is nuts but so drive able around town unlike a fully cammed v8 but the boost is just insane and this is probably the low setting.
my friend gets into drive he is a very skillfully driver and I have complete trust in his ability.
he turns on the line locker to test it in second releases it keep the car nailed in second snaps to third the car is going sideways in third @ 160-180 kph ( to be honest I wasn't looking then he grabs 4th and this voice form in side me goes ENOUGH btw he was in full control no doubt about that. the car is insane my mate pulls over and goes get my licence back in 7 days no more for me then we head back I find my self hitting boost more and more often am I getting used to it.
the car is insane
one of the best experiences of my life
yes 300 od hp is still enough for me
now I know why the sticker says gargle endless steal a persons heart