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My Nissan Cefiro

Cefiro I hear you say whats that?

The Cefiro is a hybrid of the r32 and s13 it is 4 door mine is a 1988 model and was used for drifting in japan it is fitted with a mechanical lsd and coil overs and numerous other mods.

My Cefiro well I'm sure you have seen it on the other pages the white Cefiro is my latest cefiro I have actually had the car for quite some time but it was put on the back burner with the sr20r32 project and other thing. around christmas 2003 I sold my black cefiro a needed to put the whte cefiro on the road .


my cefiro now has an sr 20 fitted to it and makes 221rwkw



The cefiro before and after



right click and open in a new window for larger pictures taken with my sony cybershot 5 megapixel


Basically its specs were 88 Cefiro fitted with an rb 20 and five speed conversion . it has tein coil overs and a 1.5 or 2 way mech lsd. it is also fitted with strut tower baces front and rear ,adjustable camber tops and castor rods it has a boost gauge and an r32 gtr seat, There is a 5 stud conversion to the front. it also now has 5 stud conversion to the rear. drifters handbrake button, sun roof and a few orther odds and ends . The car it self was a bit rough when I got it refecting its drift background.

A few months after I got the car on the road I decided I would pull the sr from the r32 and fit it to the Cefiro. because of the cars weight I decided the motor needed to be modded. I had enough of seeing other people having fun and running good times so I set about learning how to get an sr 20 to go hard. the motor I have was in great condition and the gearbox and clutch are great as well.

we got the motor fitted with a few hassels it needed the sr20 crossmembers and mounts but the rest was fairly easy. the hicas was removed with a hicas lock bar but we found a tomei hicas lock kit fitted to the previous set up we removed the lines from the hicas system to also reduce weight. aircond will probalby no be refitted to the car and use a non hicas sr20 power steering pump.

Having decided I wanted more power than the stock sr 20 and my power goal would be a 12 second 1/4 I needed to look what was around

more soon



I now understand why the japanese can drift so easily I used to try and drift my r32 with little success but this car is so easy its not funny.

here are the pics of it

The car is in the process of being tidied up there were some dints on it these are being fixed I'm also considering my options re a front bar it now has 16" wheels as well instead of the 15's it drives really well I am surprised at the size of the car and room inside as you can see the boot is huge. I ahve alos purchased another cefiro one of hte cefioros will be sold the other one is painted in r34 blue and is in great condition



this is the first cefiro I owned