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Putting an SR20 det into an R32 skyline


I have been really to busy to update the projects page as its best to keep focused durign a project like this.

once the motor was fitted by the boys from ICE performance I brought the car home and we sorted what needed to be done as you can see above it all slotted in easily enough using s13 sr20 crossmembers and mount. we used the r32 tail shaft which didnt need modifing at all which was great. one hassle we had was the radiator out lets were onthe opposite side so a custom pipe was made rather than getting a cutoms radiator for now.

then the car was sent to BMT for Benny and Sam to do their work Benny did the custom cooler piping for the gtr cooler which looks pretty great and they sorted a few of the other issues that were needed to get the car going. Then it was Truck back to my place where bozz took over and did the wiring by mating the sr loom with the rb loom. as a few pointers we used the rb loom for the starter alternator etc. and the sr loom joined to the other side. we fitted the rb speedo gear into the sr box and so we have a working speedo we have water temperature boost but atm no oil pressure gauge. and the tacho is yet to be wired up. the car then went for a new front pipe to be fitteed as one of the other 2 works as everything was at different angles so Ihave a mandrel stainless from pipe a dump pipe will be added soon.

all in all the conversion was fairly painless no big surprises or stumbling block encountered.

an other thremo fan will be fitted but the stock rb does work for now.

so how does it drive :D well it only has stock boost and hasnt been tuned but I can say its as good as an rb 20 running 12 psi and this is only running around 8 psi it has alot more torque the car understeers a bit but this should be sorted soon with a thicker rear sway bar and castor rods fitted. it just hammers along the gear lever is a bit shorter but thats not a real concern other wise I'm very happy.

thanks for reading






Thought I would let you guys know my r32 has been sold gets delivered soon well I didn't hang around to find a new project it found me.
I bought an r32 with no motor
and guess what sacrilege I'm fitting an sr 20det to it as I found a great one from a mate. why sr 20 you ask.
1 no need for a custom plenum.
2 power fc bolts straight in
3 there are heaps of parts for them.
4. it makes the weight distribution 50/50.
5 there are no high profile ones and i like to be different.
6 I found some one who is willing to do the conversion for a reasonable fee.
7 the motors are more torquey.
8 the gearbox just had 2k spent on it in a full rebuild
9 the motor only has 80 000 genuine klms10 when I need to upgrade things like pistons and injectors I will only require 4 not six :D
The car has fully adjustable suspension gtr cooler and is blue metallic

btw it will be stockish for a little while till I get the car running properly. even then preformance will be adaquete around 300-350 hp nothing insane

pics of the car to follow

btw this is not going to be a slow on going project but one built fairly quickly I'll try and take photos and explain the process as we go along

thanks go to

ICE performance

BMT motorsport

for having the skill and the courage to take this conversion on



the car arrives at the workshop


the start fitting the crossmembers

thsi has commenced we hit a snag re the powerstering lines they will be adjusted to suit motor should be in soon :D



the old crossmember

the old rb20 crossmember the sr20 crossmember fitted
the sr20 motor and gearbox I'm using the crossmembers the lower one is the sr20 top rb20



the sr20 crossmember in place from below

well the sr 20 is in have a look every thing bolted up no fabrication required :)


should be a great package.

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